At Wenepal, we take great pride in sharing the inspiring stories of our members, who have overcome incredible challenges and barriers to become powerful agents of change in their own lives and those around them.


Sabitri Poudyal K.C. (Sabu)


<p>Sabitri, also popularly known as Sabu completed her diploma in engineering from the Pulchowk campus and is also Japanese language instructor. Sabu's life took a turning point after the massive earthquake of 2072, when her husband lost his leg. She and her husband needed emotional support to overcome that pain. She realized there were many more people going through the same physical and mental pain while going to rehab with her husband for his treatment and support. The deeper realization regards to the disability that a person has when the person borns and the disability due to accident are two different things was much clear to her. She knew although physically these two might have similar losses, the latter has much difficulties in terms of coping for the person and his/her family. She left her career in financial sector and started her start up in beaded jewellery with her husband. As a designer, she trained the people with disability and with the continuous trainings, she and the team was able to produce quality products which they started exporting in different countries. She also stated her organization We Nepal and continued scholarship support to the students. in rural areas. While working closely with these groups, her passion towards this became her continued source of motivation in her leadership journey. The challenges she faced while working is to maintain emotional well being for the people with disability. They are socially and physically vulnerable and motivating them continuously also requires persistent effort. However, she has kept this effort ongoing with her optimistic nature and she plans to keep doing this in the future too.</p>